I cant find .gsc files, and map folder seems to be missing.

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  • I am new to the community and have been able to run a server with multiple people. i am looking to add mods such as extra perks and the such, but all of the resources mention a maps folder that i dont have and a series of folders in it that lead to a _clientids.gsc file that is also missing. i have looked at many official and unofficial peices of documentations and have only become more confused. I may have missed something and i am wondering if i did something wrong and have to fix it.

  • You're meant to make the folder path leading to the clientids file yourself I believe

  • @luigistyle yes when it comes to gsc treat it as console but you have to make a file structer for the gsc to even work there is a guide in the t6 section somewhere on hwo to do it

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