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  • MustBeAfk

    I was having trouble finding a good AFK system so I decided to make one that was nice and simple.

    When AFK


    • Very customizable
    • Users are able to specify a time to go AFK for
    • HUD element that appears when AFK
    • Commented Code
    • Chat-Based
    • Burp to indicate that you aren't afk anymore (for tabbed out players)
    • Infinite AFK time


    Note that this requires T6 GSC Utils.

    Source code

    Configuration DVars

    • mafk_name [str = "[^6MAfk^7]"] - Tag before messages from the system

    • mafk_prefix [str = ".afk"] - The command the system will use

    • mafk_burps [bool = 1] - Should the player burp when going afk and un-afk

    • mafk_hud [bool = 1] - Should the HUD be shown for afk players

    • mafk_user_times [bool = 0] - Should the user be able to specify a time to go afk for?

    • mafk_max_time [float = 15] - If user_times, what should the max time allowed be in minutes?

    • mafk_def_time [float = 15] - If user_times, what should the default time be if none is specified?

    • mafk_time [float = 15] - If not user_times, what should the afk time be? if 0 then time is infinite.

    • mafk_max_end [bool = 0] - End the game if everyone is either down or afk?

    • mafk_cooldown [float = 15] - How many minutes should you have to wait before using afk again.


    When Already AFK and trying to be AFK again


    If you have a suggestion of something to add, or you find a bug feel free to make an issue on the repo, you can also make a PR if you'd like :- )

    Keep in mind this is my first GSC project, if I'm committing any sins against god please let me know and I'll be sure to fix them, constructive criticism is welcome.

  • Very cool man, should send a notice about the command so people know about it. Maybe every 5-7 minutes.

  • @chasef7 The afk texts opacity slowly fades away over time, my hope was that that would show it well enough. I might though, wouldn't be too hard at all.

  • there’s a time limit before you get kicked correct?

  • @hindercanrun no, why would there be, the point is so you don't get kicked or killed while being afk

  • @MustBeLeaving for popular servers, so people cant just sit in afk mode and take up the slots,

    except there are good reasons for no limit, high rounds, stuff like that

  • @hindercanrun The idea is that you can go afk for a certain amount of time every x minutes, you can configure it to allow everyone on the server to go afk infinitely but you really shouldn't. One of the config options is to end the game if everyone is AFK or down, so you can stop infinite afk'ing.

  • I don't see the point of having an afk script if you configure it to have a limited time? Just set yourself as afk and set it off when you're back on PC?

    Other than that and other than the fact that multiple scripts already exist it's still a nice and useful release

  • it probably wouldn’t even be useful to add the limited time, since there aren’t many servers near me + not many people who play plutonium near me
    so I’d only get around 5 players

  • @Resxt You can do that! read the dvar configuration section for mafk_time 🙂

  • I know, my point was just that having a specific afk time seems useless/counter intuitive to me but maybe some people find this useful and since it's there already all good. Just saying I'm "surprised" by this feature but I understand that this is mostly a server restriction thing

  • the "You are currently afk" hud seems to show for every player when someone goes afk.
    I disabled it

  • @chasef7 ah, i really boned that hard, ill fix it soon, sorry

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