Why Cheat?

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  • As I have said in some other posts, I am new to this Plutonium thing. I basically just play T4 and I get kicked around a lot, even by what they call bots. (I still have little understand of how that works). These are all games, games are meant to have fun. WHY DO PEOPLE TRY TO CHEAT? It is all for fun. Are they attempting to make themselves bigger than they are? Do they have physical, mental or emotional failings? I spent most of my adult life (32 years of it starting in 1966 and ending 1998) making real war. Been through things that make these games look like a kindergarten class. These games I know are not real and they do my old butt good, even though it hurts at the end of my session but I think that is from my chair. You whiners that get banned, know what you have done regardless of what you say you did or did not do. You may get over on these algorithms once or even twice but you cannot win. Why not just sit back and have fun with this and appreciate all that these developers have done for you to have fun. Why cheat? I do not comprehend your reasoning

  • You seem to be new to the competitive scene and more of a casual player, which is perfectly fine, but some people will do anything to win. Which involves cheating, and then you have players that do it just to make people rage and that amuses them. They know what they are doing and their intentions is not about how others think about them. If a player is constantly getting killed and can't get better. They end up cheating, but they should just grind to get better. It's the same thing outside of the gaming world. Some people don't like to play fair and enjoy screwing over other people that earned it.

  • hi. what's up.

  • That's just how the world/human beings work
    We're not all equal and some of us will do anything to think we are or that they're better.
    I just accept that I'm bad and play against bots, who cares.
    Also the competitive mindset these days is pretty toxic so some people are under pressure. They "cannot" be bad or their friends will get rid of them

    That's just human stupidity among other things.
    It's just humans ruining things like they always do.
    Only thing we can do is have an anticheat and admins ban them and play together 🤷

    Also yes like I said some players are bots and bots will always have aimbots and this is completely normal. So yes don't mix players and bots. Also some servers have very random bot names so it's hard to tell if they're bots or players but on WAW they're very likely bots

  • Hi oldretireddude, I saw you yesterday on one of my servers.
    I do have 8 bots (4 on each team) and their skill level is on 2 which is pretty low. They do seem to get aimbot style kills from time to time especially through bushes / thin walls.

    Bots on my server have normal names, well as normal as can be as they are all titles of ZX Spectrum games 🙂

    But as for players who cheat, once found they are permanently banned on my servers.

    By the way Bots on WaW servers have a ping of 0

    Hope to see you on there again


  • @MAD_DAD You will sir

  • @MAD_DAD I was not in a good mood and I could not catch a break so I left early. I will be more patient next time

  • @Resxt Thank you

  • @RedxSkull Oh do I this all too well. Trust me, I have my ways on how they are dealt with.

  • @MAD_DAD Sir, please tell me how you do what you do. You flat cleaned my clock and I have no clue how you do that so expertly Also I enjoy the server we played on very much, thank you.

  • @oldretireddude I have played computer games since 1980. That and a lot of playtime on Cod Games.

    I am glad you enjoyed your time in my server.

  • @MAD_DAD I have enjoyed your server very much. I do not getting whooped up on, this is how you improve. I apologize for my delayed response. I got very sick very fast and was in hospital for a while. When I get a little better I willbe back

  • @oldretireddude I hope you have a speedy recovery and feeling better soon.

    All the best


  • @MAD_DAD Ok DAD, the Old Dude is back, not 100% but ready for a try. See you on the field of battle

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