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  • hey just wanted to ask if theres anyway to get xbox configuration support on plutonium because everytime I start a game and attempt to move my character the game forcibly stops

  • it shows this message afterwords Loading fastfile dlc0dd_load_zm
    Loading fastfile seasonpass_load_zm
    Loading fastfile en_dlczm0_load_zm
    Loading fastfile en_dlc1_load_zm
    Loading fastfile en_dlc2_load_zm
    Loading fastfile en_dlc3_load_zm
    Loading fastfile en_dlc4_load_zm
    Loading fastfile en_dlc0dd_load_zm
    Loading fastfile en_seasonpass_load_zm
    Unknown command: "checkForPS3Invites"
    Unknown command: "session_rejoinsession"
    Unknown command: "resetCustomGametype"
    Unknown command: "resetCustomGametype"
    party_maxplayers is read only
    Unknown command: "resetCustomGametype"
    Unknown command: "resetCustomGametype"
    party_maxplayers is read only
    Unloading fastfile ui_zm
    Unloading fastfile en_ui_zm
    Unloading fastfile patch_ui_zm
    Loading fastfile zm_nuked_patch
    Loading fastfile zm_nuked
    Loading fastfile en_zm_nuked
    server is changing maps, resetting stored team states...
    Custom script 'scripts/zm/ranked' loaded
    Executed 'scripts/zm/ranked::init'
    client with index 0 connected.

  • Yes you can use an Xbox controller
    As for the crash two things that come in mind are:

    • An old bug that made the game crash when you switched from kbm to controller during a game which I believe has been solved in the past but maybe try to only use your controller the moment you start the game

    • Your antivirus crashing the game. What's your antivirus?

  • My antivirus is mccafe firewall and microsoft firewall

  • @Matt665 uninstall mccafe it’s shit

  • kk what should I do after that

  • try and play

  • @Matt665 McAfee is very bad and very likely your issue

  • alright just got it removed and I'll try playing now thank yall so much !!!

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