i can't start bo1 please help

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  • the binkw32.dll file is installed in the windows directory
    anyone have the fix for "the binkw32.dll file is installed in the windows directory" ?

  • there is no way it's from plutonium it self, it's from your pc
    you have not enogh data/files to start the game
    1- make sure you selected the game file correctly
    2- make sure you downloaded the game from the original plutonium site
    3- check updates for windows
    4- if you're windows 7 so upgrade to windows 10 if you can't say bye to the game
    5- download drivers for your pc so it can support many things
    i hope it will help

  • ^^^^^

  • The error comes from you not selecting the game folder.
    It's not a dll/Windows error or a Plutonium error.
    Just read our doc it explains everything including how to fix this error. Select your game folder. Do not download or put random dlls in your game

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