im just going to make a new topic because im stoopid and i made the last topic locked

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  • last time i said i got banned for playing SOLO with a 3rd party app to test the maps so for the mod that has an attention span of that less then a goldfish let me highlight the keywords SOLO HOST TESTING and most importantly CHEATS ENABLED i cant even cheat in my own server and i know picking a fight with the mods is like picking a fight with the cops but can you blame me maybe dont let your anti-cheat search custom games and focus on actual mod menus and also last time the mod just left me with the anti-cheat rules I F### KNOW USING A 3RDD PARTY IS BANNABLE but only for MULTIPLAYER this is private i came here for a ban appeal not a ban discussion

  • @risky-line
    the anticheat is always active unless if ur in lan
    staff don’t do unbans
    so wait out your ban.

  • @risky-line
    Anti-cheat system is always active, even in solo matches. If you want to use an injector, turn on Lan mode. However you'll lose server access.
    Your account was your responsibility. Not reading their cheating policy before hand is your fault. However posting about your problem and trying to get a ban appeal won't do you any good. Wait it out as plutonium staff doesn't do the banning or ban appeals. They do it for a good reason since most people would lie about their doing even when they have logs which they barely say why people were banned. I'm not accusing you of lying but just saying why they don't do ban appeals.


  • @risky-line As I said they don't do ban appeals. Ban appeals tags are probably made from the community trying to get a ban appeal but never worked.

    Their doing this for a good reason why its active even in private matches. You could had used a gsc menu instead of downloading a third party software. Pretty sure it is to avoid testing and other problems, to avoid exploits on the anticheat system.

  • ok this is my final post on plutonium im done i have lost 17 out of my 3 braincells of stupidly such as mods not being allowed to unban accounts and not being allowed to cheat in MY server with cheats ON and what ever the fuck is gsc menu(prob filled with viruses) mods having an attion span of that less then a goldfish see you in 34k days

  • @risky-line gsc scripts are just text files composed of high-level language complied into machine code. Not as deadly as third party apps. It is unlikely to get a virus through gsc means. When you boot up a map or server, those gsc files are executed. You are allowed to use mods on your server however it is only through gsc means as they're safer.
    At this point your just making assumptions about gsc being a virus.
    Third party apps are more deadly as you don't even know if they're safe or not unless you created it. They can access your entire computer as you would need to give them access to admin rights.

  • @risky-line yes, we all know your very mad, next time read the anticheat docs and how to load mods.

  • @risky-line

    • You can cheat with commands
    • You can cheat with GSC scripts
    • You can have mod menus with GSC scripts
    • Cheats enabled doesn't mean "anticheat disabled, you can now use a cheat software"
    • We have an anticheat doc that explains what you can and cannot do in details
    • We cannot allow the use of software when you don't disable online functionalities because otherwise it would allow all kind of client side cheats. We only allow scripting/modding. Software are what's used by actual cheaters to modify the game's memory so we cannot allow it while you're on the online version. Just switch to LAN mode if for some reason you want to use software or just use one of the GSC scripts/mod menus available

    GSC files are just text files and you not even knowing what it is shows that you didn't even try anything you just used a software although you were told not to (or to go in LAN mode)

    You didn't respect the rules twice and/or didn't read them and yes your ban makes perfect sense. You just don't understand how an anticheat works and no you won't be unbanned with that attitude why would we even look into it?

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