How to debug/where is log located?

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  • Hi,

    I am trying to create a (docker) container for T6 multiplayer. I little experience of running the bo2 server on Windows server or any Linux distro but have read documentation and threads here of course.

    Thus far I am fairly successful (wines works fine, also updating etc. works), however I am running into some problems now.

    1. I cannot connect to the server via T6 client

      • I am using <local ip>:port to connect
      • docker run command exposes the right port (which opens the container up to network)
      • I have opened right port on my router (which is irrelevant for this problem)
    2. Heartbeats are successful however every minute it changes maps (see screenshot behind spoiler).

    My gut tells me the game never starts (cuz of some error), and thus its changing to a new map every minutes which in turn causes issue 1, so I am focusing on issue 2 for now mainly. But its a gut feeling as I said.

    Now I am wondering how to debug this so I can fix my problems.
    Any other ideas are of course welcome as well.

    Kind regards and thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

  • So you're hosting on the same PC you play on? What is the port set to?

  • @Resxt Thank you for the prompt reply!

    No, I am hosting it on my (headless) server (with IP on the same network with port 6668 (so I am using connect to connect).

    Port forward is forwarding 6668 to local ip on port 6668 (which my container also exposes).
    I also tried the default port, but felt more comfortable changing it.

    I did not add this in the original post since I did not want to make it any more complicated :).

    Next step for me is probably running the container on the same PC where I'll be playing (not using the default port of course) to see if that eliminates the issue, which I'll be doing tomorrow.

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