Xfinity problems (turns off my wifi)

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  • So I was watching a video saying how to do black ops 2 plutonium download and so I went to the official site, followed the guide, and downloaded all the stuff like qbittorrent and the launcher and all the steps I did correctly, but then my wifi stopped working and I thought my mom turned it off because sometimes she does and I texted her and she said she didnt then she sent me a picture saying that Xfinity turned off my wifi because of a threat and it never happened in the past and still doesnt happen since I deleted and it was only because of pluto bo2. I really want to play iw5 T6 and T5 but I dont know if I can because I did a full windows scan and deleted everything related to it like the torrent file, qbittorrent, and the launcher and everything. PLEASE HELP!

  • so um how u talking then lmao also this aint a virus you see like over 2 mil people use this so its prob ur pc turn of ur antivirus etc then turn it on after u have succesfully set it up also i aint a mod so i wouldnt really know shit but yeah.

  • @I3A I know its not my pc because I put it as an exception and I dont have any other anti virus like malwarebytes or norton

  • @WatersCOD when does this happen exactly? when playing the game or when downloading the torrent? It's probably the router's built in firewall doing this.

    Youtube Video

    I see that the custom option has an option to block p2p traffic, that will prevent torrents from working.

  • @Dss0 I had already torrented the file and I was all set to play the game and then i was going to open the game until it happened

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