Failing in my attempt to host a T6 server on AWS

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  • Hello, I have setup an ec2 instance on AWS with the intention of hosting a zombies server on it. I have followed as many tutorials as I could on here, but none of them are specific for my needs of hosting it on a linux server. Could anyone help out with a rough tutorial regarding this? I have attempted to follow this post up until point 3, and then to store it on the instance and to attempt to run it with wine64, but always end up getting the following error when attempting to run the bat file:

    (8/6/2020)  -  (2:48 PM) WARNING: ZM 1 server closed or dropped... server restarts.
    File not found.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

  • In case anyone comes across this post later, I decided to try out a windows 2016 base server instead. This allows us to actually use windows like a normal OS as opposed to linux only going through the command line, and when trying to run the server bat file you get an error dialog box stating that XINPUT1_3.dll is missing. To solve this, I installed the most recent version of directX onto the server from this microsoft link.

    I am going to investigate whether it is possible to solve this issue on a linux server, and potentially write out a complete tutorial for setting up a bo2 plutonium server on a linux instance within aws if so.

  • i made a pull request here
    that allowed me to run the server on linux.

    WARNING: this only works on kernel version 4.18.X or below (or a patched and rebuilt wine, but building wine is a real pain), and the console window for the server is pretty much useless.

    if you are running headless, take a look at the reply i made to the pull request., or the commented out line near the bottom.

    also, cd to the directory before launching the server.

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