[Release] [Zombies] TranZit Battle Royale

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  • Since there is no release of files, I am not adding this to the releases section.

    The day has come! TranZit Battle Royale is out now for anyone to play!

    Servers are listed at the bottom of this thread post.

    Here's some gameplay provided by MrTLexify:


    • Looting
    • Buy Stations
    • Storm
    • Zombies
    • No PVP, but Grief System
    • No Denizens
    • Denizen Teleporters
    • No Bus
    • Become Player Zombie when you die

    Note: When using the menus (Pre Game or Buy Station), you use click/triggers to move up and down, melee to go back, and use button to select items.

    Current Servers: (Name: TranZit Battle Royale | Open Beta) (Name: JezuzLizard's Tranzit BATTLE ROYALE SERVER) (Name: Tranzit Battle Royale | Open Beta) (Name: Tranzit Battle Royale | Open Beta)

    Hope you enjoy! And if you find bugs or need support, email us @ [email protected]

    GerardS0406 (Main Dev)

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  • Ive spent the last 30 min trying to figure out how to play this. someone please tell me where to go.

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