Image Quality setting not set to Native as default

  • Type: Multiplayer / Singleplayer
    Description: Image Quality setting not set to Native as default (instead, it is on normal). This makes the UI and in-game blurry even at 1080p resolution and Texture Quality High. It can be annoying as a first start.
    Steps needed to reproduce: At the first start of the game and so on.

    Edit 1: the default setting is on High, not normal. Also, the Optimal Audio and Video option still set High.

  • Project Admin

    Devs say that you probably have unclean files, redownload them from steam tools.

  • I've just checked the file with the Verify Tools file integrity, from Steam.
    I've deleted the players2 folder and ensured the latest version of Plutonium (r814).
    After the first start the setting is on High and using Optimal Video and Audio still uses High.

    My rig is Intel i5 3570k, GTX 970, 16GB RAM, so it should get the best settings on MW3 by default (unless the system detection is somewhat broken).

  • Project Admin

    It is because your game automatically decides whats the best graphical options for your system if you've never played before. This is a mechanism in the game that has been present since cod1/2?. Its not a bug.

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