Launcher Crash after AVIRA Antivir found a Virus...

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  • Hei dudes,

    i want to play the Plutonium IW5 (MW3).
    I played with my brother yesterday w/o any error (+ Fast installation)
    Now i want to play with a friend (at my home) and my brother (from his home)

    If I and my friend play the Launch button, the launcher frezze and we're unable to play the game.
    Hope you guys got some fixes..

    • Done a Verify on every Files (MP/SP)
    • Done remove the plutonium files at %localapdata%
    • Restart the PCs

    My friend was able to play the game, after a relaunch (restart the pc) he got the same error as me ...


  • if on windows 10 remove that sounds like shit anti virus all you need is windows defender
    if window 7 update to 10 as there is no support for 7 even after todays update killed windows 7 for good

  • Ok thanks for the reply.

    But why it works one time and then it crashes?
    Do u have any idea about ?

  • because windows 7 does not support the updated xinput needed to support controllers for mw3. windows 7 only supports up to xinput 9.1.0 xinput 1.4 is the newest version and comes with windows 10 that is why. Plus there is no support for people on windows 7

  • Could be that avira added it to their DB or their heuristic part doesn't like how the bootstrapper works. Anyways a exception should be enough.

  • @FragsAreUs ah okay Thanks. So i will unable to play Plutonium ...

    @Xerxes i done every Exception. Deinstalled AVIRA and added Avast.
    Problem wasnt solved.

    I downloaded the xInput DLL for 1.4 and copied it to the main folder (plutonium)
    I got a crash with 0xb00007***. That is the incomplatiblity i'm right ?

  • @LuxorPrime said in Launcher Crash after AVIRA Antivir found a Virus...:

    I downloaded the xInput DLL for 1.4 and copied it to the main folder (plutonium)

    That literally how it not works. I know downloading random dlls is done by certain groups but its wrong and dangerous. You need to install DX9 on Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019.

  • like what @Xerxes said the controller update made windows 7 100% not able to play because xinput 1.4 came shipped with windows 10 windows server 2016 and 2019 so there for even if you where to download xinput you would still have more issues then that you are better off going to google and type windows 10 media creation tool and just update your pc to windows 10

  • Thx u two ,

    i will manage an W10 Update soon ^^ but i have to backup gb of files ^^
    Hope this project will not going down so fast like IW4x ^^
    The things i tested was nearly perfect (some ping / netcode issues) but, these are not ur faults in my opinion ๐Ÿ™‚

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