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  • Codjumper Scripts & more

    Hello everyone!

    Today I will be releasing alot of my Codjumper scripts that I have made in the last year, I originally made most of my scripts for the Coomers Codjumper server which I Co-Owned but after some of their latest decissions that I disagreed with I decided to leave. After a month or two, I have decided to release my scripts that I made.

    This last year has pretty much been my entire learning journey into GSC. which I now want to share in hope that some people can learn from it aswell.

    There's a lot of different features in the Codjumper, Pretty much everything that u are used to. Also included are fullbright / zfar toggle, Deltacamp vision fix, height check, My tic-tac-toe that I made for a fun learning experience, votemap, mapedit file (including some old mapedits, I have some more old ones I made if anyone wants), Commands (thanks to @Drag for the original) Lots of more commands added to it though and a script I made to potentially stop people from using voice chat without banning them.

    Keep in mind all of this GSC is my learning journey, don't expect this all to be the best it can be. I just want to put it out there for people to learn from. That's why I tried to put some comments on a load of stuff so that people can understand what does what and hopefully that will help them in their learning journey.

    Further added is a scriptselect file, which in this file u can enable/disable the entire codjumper folder, this allows u to host multiple servers with scripts on one single install of the game. Could be usefull if your VPS doesn't have the most amount of storage.

    (Please keep the scripts inside the codjumper folder as it will break if u take them out and put them in your scripts folder, load the scripts with scriptselect instead)

    Check the scripts out HERE

    If u have any questions about anything, or if there is anything you would like to see feel free to ask

    Special Thanks to @ZECxR3ap3r & @Slxxpy

  • Wow thank you man I've been needing a codjumper for my servers

  • Very cool. I've always wanted to learn gsc and now I can!

  • Took a look at the voice chat banning thing you did and that was pretty creative, gave me a few ideas on what I can do to those annoying mic spammers! Thank you

  • Ain't no way duud!


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