Difference between storage/t6 and gameserver/t6r/data/maps/mp

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  • What is the difference between putting scripts inside of Local/Plutonium/storage/t6/scripts/zm and putting scripts inside of t6r/data/maps/mp/gametypes_zm or /zombies because some people tell me to put the gsc scripts inside of one folder while others tell me to put the scripts in the other folder.

  • Storage is what Plutonium recommends and is the up-to-date way of doing it.
    T6R is an outdated way of doing that's not recommended by Plutonium

    In theory they both work but T6R might not be supported anymore some day

  • Ah ok. Another question, does a script in storage rather than t6r affect how it is given out to players? Like in custom game for example because I found that if I put a script in storage rather than t6r everyone sees it not just me.

  • No it doesn't change anything

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