Dedicated Server Does Not Allow Connections if Game is Running at the same time

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  • I have this weird issue all of a sudden where my dedicated server will work perfectly but only if I don't have an instance of the game open at the same time, so I can no longer play from the same machine. The server stops showing up in the browser and will no longer allow incoming connections from other clients over the internet. Even using the "connect" command in the console will not work, except when joining using the LAN IP for some reason.

    As soon as I close BO2, everything starts working perfectly again and I can't explain it because it was working just recently. It's as if me having the game open is somehow blocking the dedicated server from allowing connections over the internet.

    I'm currently forwarding port 4977 UDP for the server so that it doesn't conflict with the default 4976 of the client. The console window will routinely return the "Heartbeat successful" message so I know that at least that the server key is still valid.

    Any help would be appreciated!

  • @shilakyehon and what does it say when you type


    into the server console?

  • It says:

    "net_port" is: "4977" default: "4976"

  • Do you have someone else in your house playing Plutonium/Call of Duty/a game that uses this port or a software that uses this port?

    I would recommend simply changing the port to something free like 30000 to be sure

  • @Resxt nobody but me so there shouldn't be a conflict with another program/machine on the network. Just in case I tried changing the port as you suggested but no luck.

    I noticed that this issue seems to be present on all my Plutonium games such as BO1 and WAW when I tested my other servers. I'm guessing that there must be something on my side that changed but I just can't figure out what ๐Ÿ˜ž

  • @shilakyehon just so you know you need to start your game before starting the server, you can't start your game while the server is running
    If you do that in this order I don't see any reason why the server would not work because of a conflict with the game if you're using a random port like 30000

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