Not allowing multiple instances

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  • It's so annoying.
    I host a T4 server and also a IW5 server from my PC.
    I can understand that to play on the same PC you first have to run the client and then run the server.

    But my problem is that I can't open an instance of T4 and IW5 client to leave them running so that I can join my T4 and IW5 servers at will.

    The aim would be to be able to drop down one client and play using the other without the need to stop the servers.

    Can nothing be done so you can have an instance of two different clients open at the same time?



  • I don't really understand your question or issue but yes you can have multiple servers from multiple games running at the same time. I have around 15 servers running on the 4 Plutonium games right now on my VPS.

    If you mean hosting servers on the same PC you play on then yeah you're not really expected to do that.
    You need to close all servers before you can run the game, all the games use the same exe so it's not a matter of client/game.

    I heard that having a different Plutonium install for servers and the basic one for your game might let you run the game while the servers are running but I never tested it so idk if it works.
    You could test it by running this in a bat file and transferring all your server stuff in there.

    @echo off
    set installDir=%localappdata%\Plutonium_Servers
    plutonium.exe -install-dir "%installDir%" -update-only

    Note that you will need to update everything accordingly (especially the paths in the server start bat files)
    I'm talking about the line with cd at the bottom of the server bat files

  • Could't get it to work.

    I will just abandon my T4 servers and stick to IW5

    Cheers anyway


  • @MAD_DAD I forgot to mention this bat file needs to be in a folder where you have plutonium.exe

  • @Resxt said in Not allowing multiple instances:

    @MAD_DAD I forgot to mention this bat file needs to be in a folder where you have plutonium.exe

    Yeah I found that out after putting a pause command in the bat file


  • You could also put your servers into a small VM instead.

  • Revisited this and have been able to launch the game once the servers have been started.
    Done this for IW5 and T4.

    What I had to do is follow the instructions above
    Needed an extra appdata folders to do it as instructed

    Then rename the file plutonium-bootstrapper-win32.exe in the Plutonium_servers folder to

    So I now have a T4 server and a IW5 server running and can run the CoD WaW game or the MW3 game as I please after the servers are online.



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