BO3 plutonium needs to happen

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  • the game is simply broken in the current state on steam. The multiplayer is simply unplayable, it became so infested with hackers to the point you cannot find a lobby without someone using some kind of wall hack or aimbot. Add to that the fact that your pc, your network and your infos are simply vulnerable to attacks and breaches.

    there's another issue with bo3 multiplayer that came to place just recently in the last month or so, for some reason, me and friends have became unable to play the multiplayer with with more than 40 fps, even though we have high end hardware. i don't know if a game related issue or a steam related issue, but i doubt it will ever be fixed, cause the support for this game is dead.

    Black ops 3 provided one of the best multiplayer experiences in cod history, it is the last good COD game in my opinion and creating a client with dedicated servers and an anti-cheat for it is a must. If the plutonium team is unwilling to act for this game, another team will like Xlabs. So yeah i don't care about the game becoming free, I already own it on steam with all its DLCs.

  • @Magician-Yang Plutonium isn't going to do BO3. It has been stated thousands of times. However, there is a mod in development that will fix the main issues like exploits and the fps issue.

    I saw that you said you own the game which is exactly what you need

    If anyone is reading this thinking "ong free bo3 client", yeah, no. It has Steam checks that verifies that you own the game on Steam.

  • @Bubbles so will there be something like cod 4, a private server that would get us rid of cheaters ?

  • @Magician-Yang CoD4 has CoD4x

  • @Magician-Yang
    Plutonium T7 / BO3 isn’t going to happen, BO3 has everything Plutonium adds except a good anticheat.

    Even if a client was made for BO3, it would have a steam check.

    I don’t need to say anything else because bubbles has already said it.

  • @hindercanrun that's great, i hope it releases soon before cheaters make me loose interest in this game.
    because I'm completely tired of them to be quiet honest.

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