Linux Host tutorial anywhere?

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  • since the latest update we (doctors) have been struggling to get our servers back online. I've noticed you've changed it to go through the bootstrapper. Could someone assist/setup a quick tutorial for how to get pluto T6 on a Ubuntu 18.04 machine?

    Many thanks in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

  • i don't have time to really format this or anything, but i'll just paste a discord message i sent to someone. might fix it up after i get off work.

    make sure you are on kernel 4.18.20 or below. (much easier than fixing and compiling wine for newer kernels)

    next install wine. probably has a tutorial if you need it.

    run piry.exe ( ) in the directory you want the game. (open terminal in folder, and run wine ./piry.exe)

    then download plutonium.exe ( and throw in the folder and run wine ./plutonium.exe -update-only

    then grab the files from

    place the .cfg files in your ./t6r/data/ folder and edit to your liking.

    place the .bat files in your game folder and edit to your liking (including grabbing a key from to put in the .bat)

    still in the folder in your terminal, run wineconsole <name-of-file>.bat and hopefully the server launches.

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