My Godmode stop working randomly

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  • Hello Plutonium Community!๐Ÿ˜Š

    It seems like im the only person in this universe with this problem

    I've been using plutonium again for some time now. I have the problem all the time that I activate cheats in T6 (BO2 ZM) in Custom Lobby, because I would like to play through the EE solo in Origins.

    But when I enable godmode (which works) it disables itself totally random, all the time. Sometimes it happens at round 3, then at round 5 sometimes even at round 8. But it just shuts down. It shows that it is activated, but then I still take damage from all zombies at some point and die as a result. I've tried nearly everything. Maybe u know what thats about ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I already have the assumption that it is because of the files
      (I use the Steam files for Black ops 2 in Plutonium)

    • Do I have to download the files for Bo2 from your website maybe?

    • Or did Steam hide some kind of ''Godmode patch'' in their files to prevent players from using it?

    • I've already tried Mod menus in Plutonium = No success either

    • Is this a problem that occurs more often?

    I can't find anyone online who has or even had this problem...
    Would be nice if someone could help me there!


    Best regards!

  • Im tring to install pluto_t6_full_game now. I write down later if that solved it.

  • @CaptnStuhlgang god mode gets disabled when you enter robot from the foot in Origins from my experience. You'll have to reenable godmode again after you leave the Giant's foot. This may be fixed or not to see if it can be done with simple GSC otherwise, it has to be an engine fix (which means that the dev team will have to look into it, but I doubt we will fix this minor issue).

  • @Pistakilla First off: Thank you Pista!

    The Robot was excatly the last thing i did before i died, and when i remember back in time, it actually makes sense now. I just didnt thought about that...
    Didnt expect the reason to be that simple if im beeing honest ๐Ÿ˜„
    Now its less a problem. I can deal with it.

    But: Maybe i can help a little. If u go into noclip at Gen. 5 going out of bounce
    (Look at added .PNG) There are the insides of the 3 Robot Heads right next to eachother.

    Just thinking that it has something to do with beeing teleportet there when u go into the robot foot and getting sended out of bounce from ur last position. Because most of the random bugs have to do something with going out of bounce on this map. Like running into a death barrier makes the game end or even crash.

    • Maybe there is a way to put these heads at a place under the map that is not really out of bounce.

    Just a thought, maybe u guys can do something with that information.
    But anyways. Thank u very much!

    And thanks for the Playstation Button UI on ur Profile. Searched that for a while ๐Ÿ˜„
    See ya!


    Origins Map- Robot location.JPG

  • @Pistakilla iirc it also removes god mode when u enter afterlife, and when you pick up a shield

  • @hindercanrun Good to know.

    But the shield thing is not exactly turning Godmode off.

    Instead if u stand at a specific angle right next to the zombie attacking u
    (Something arround 45Degrees to the left or right) The zombie is able to hit u. If u look right at him, he is not gonna hurt u.

    It makes sense that it has something to do with the Hitbox of the shield.

    • Seems like there is a little gap between The Hitbox of the shield and the hitbox of ur body wich the zombie can hit trough. Im not using the shield anyways so it doesnt matter for me ๐Ÿ™‚

    But this Information could be used to prevent this from happening to others.

    Thanks anyways both of u!

  • @CaptnStuhlgang
    You can still die with the shield thing.
    You can survive if there are 1-2 maybe 3-4 zombies

  • @hindercanrun Okay, but not for me. Idk what causes this difference. But sure, if there are more then 4 Zombies surrounding u, they will hit this gap between u and ur shield. So its kinda true

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