How to run on external drive

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  • Having issue getting it to run on my new external ssd. All the game files are located on the drive , D , as well with the plutonium.exe and i copied over my plutonium folder with all my mods and the launcher stilll tries to download all the files to my C drive even tho its full on space and i have my pc configured to write all new files on D

  • Plutonium is its own app, it's not a software like the other you could download.
    You have two solutions

    First solution: if you want to download it to another drive you can either create a symbolic link which basically makes Windows think it's on C: (so that nothing breaks) while actually storing the files on D: for example
    This example should guide you

    Second solution: if you really want to install Plutonium on another drive I think you could use something like this in a bat file. Just make sure this bat file is in the same folder as plutonium.exe

    @echo off
    set installDir=D:\Plutonium
    plutonium.exe -install-dir "%installDir%"
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