Setting up a PS4 Controller with DS4Windows

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  • A lot of you may be wondering or need a tutorial on how to use your PS4 Controller on T6. Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers simply need to be plugged in to your computer and that's it. PS4 Controllers require a bit more of setup to use. The first thing you will need to download is DS4Windows. The Download button will take you to the GitHub releases page, where you should download the .zip for the most recent release Release

    Open the zip file you just downloaded and you will see two exe files alt text

    You can put these files anywhere on your computer but I would recommend something like Documents/DS4Windows/. After you have extracted these two files to a folder of your choosing you should run the DS4Updater exe just to be sure there are no new releases
    alt text

    Next you need to open the DS4Windows.exe and you should see two windows pop up. If you do not see the Welcome to DS4Windows window where you install the DS4Driver, you can click the Settings tab in the main window and click the Controller/Driver Setup link. NOTE You will ONLY need to do this if you have not previously installed DS4Windows
    alt text

    Click the Step 1: Install the DS4 Driver button in the second window and let it install. After this is finished you should see a Virtual Bus Driver folder inside the directory that the DS4Windows.exe file is located. If not, you may need to run DS4Windows as admin. alt text

    After the install is complete you will need to restart your PC and when it comes back up, re-launch the DS4Windows.exe application. This time you should only see the main window. At this point click on the Controllers tab and plug in your controller. You should see an ID show up meaning your controller is being recognized. NOTE The color at the end is a custom color you can put on the light bar. Mine being yellow and yours being blue/red/green does not matter. alt text

    At this point you are good to go and can launch Pluto T6 and use your PS4 Controller! Remember, you must leave DS4Windows open and running. If you close the application, your controller will stop working.

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