Will this cause a ban?

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  • Hi plutonium,

    Quick question. I wanted to make a direct shortcut to the zombies mode, and I had the idea to use a bat file with an icon for myself. No idea if its even possible, but I wanted to try.

    Would this cause some sort of issue if I mess up? I don't want to get banned for something like making a shortcut, so I thought I'd ask before doing anything.


  • It's not possible because you need to launch zombies via the plutonium launcher.

  • Right, but the launcher launches the game by executing (Im assuming) first the code for authentication and anti-cheat, then the bootstrapper, then t6zm, no?

    In any case, its not a big deal, but my question is will I get banned for attempting? Because if that's the case, I just wont.

    Thanks for your reply, much appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

  • bump
    can someone please confirm whether this is a ban-able offense? I would like to try regardless of whether its even possible to accomplish...

  • Well you can try, even if you do get banned, making an honest appeal will get you unbanned in 7 days, but the next one will be permanent

  • You won't trigger the anticheat by starting the zombies .exe directly but it also won't load / connect.

    Not sure if I'm misunderstanding but i personally just pin plutonium.exe to my start menu and click that icon whenever i want to start the game. Sure you have to click play on Zombies when it opens but it also checks for updates etc whilst opening.

  • @Mr-Android thanks for the reply
    Allow me to share what I found, and why I'm doing this.

    So first off, the reason for this is simply to reduce number of clicks to get in game, nothing more. Its not that its bothersome, just some people prefer a 1 click solution. It is a nice feature that the launcher auto updates/verifies the game files, but I feel like that could be handled in the background on launch anyway, before the client starts. Maybe that wouldn't work here, but that's how I personally would prefer it to behave.

    Now looking into the code, I see that its set up much like a website, with html, css, and js files, which I can somewhat comprehend. I see the launcher passes variables to the bootstrapper, and somewhere along the chain it submits this info to your nix systems for authentication. hard to say, since they are obfuscated well enough to prevent me from knowing exactly what's what.

    creating a bat file which points to the bootstrapper, will tell you no app is specified. Passing the parameter /t6 zombies (my mode of choice here) allows it to progress to the authentication step. This is the part where I don't fully understand the syntax required to pass, but essentially it tries to authenticate, fails with error 401, and exits.

    This leads me to believe that this would be possible, but I don't think I could figure out how to do it myself.

    On an unrelated note, I was successful at launching the client after the server on the same computer, and it has not triggered a ban, thankfully. This was more important to me than the shortcut anyway.

    If you read all that, thanks for listening!

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