idk if this belongs here but here it goes...

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  • Heya dudes! I was wondering for MW3 when will we be able to use CODMVM on MW3 Plu demos? im a editor and the normal MW3 is deader than DEAD, i wanted to know if something is in the works for codmvm or? i know its prob not a huge issue but us editors would LOVE if we could use codmvm :3 would it be like the creator of codmvm would have to mod something or could you guys do it? like i said idk if this belongs here but i would REALLY love to know if there will ever be a fix


  • @kyslovely no they have stated before in discord that in Order for MVM to work the dev of that mod would have to reimplament that and so far they have not been able to get ahold of him

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