BO2 Query Ports?

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  • Good day all,

    I have managed to get my black ops II server running on my linux server after rewriting some of the scripts into bash from cmd. It runs I can connect but my only question here is what are all the ports that the game uses? Can I use steam query to query the server to see if it is still up like I do with the rust server I have running on the same linux server? The port I set is the default and I use php and PHP-Source-Query library to view all my game servers I monitor. Please can someone assist me or tell me what protocol I need to use so I can figure out how to add it to my php webpage?

  • You can just query, it contains all public info about all servers.

  • Good day,

    Thank you. I have however figured out that the game uses Quake 3 protocol for querying so I will be migrating from PHP-Source-Query to GameQ and possibly creating my own jquery websocket based rcon for the games I add

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