Survival Mode and Campaign!!

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  • I got so happy when you guys released MW3 because it was like one of my favorite games way back in the day. But i got slightly disapointed when i saw that you guys didnt have Survival mode or Campaign available to play. I might just be mistaken or maybe not but please contact me on discord BigDucki#3802 if you know how to play. If not then i would suggest for an update maybe add Survival mode 🐶

  • @BigDucki no they do not support it if you want it you have to buy the game on steam

  • Yeah it's a bit disappointing survival mode and campaign aren't supported especially since they added support for gamepad that'd be cool to have that in SP, also I guess survival mode could be modded around...

    But yeah all in all I prefer seeing the project not lose focus on its main goals, I want to see more MW2 and possibly MW1 maps be brought to MW3 and I like to see they're working on making BO2 great as well also, the team can just do as much work and if they start working on too many things, nothing will get big/finished...

  • If you want to play SP, buy the game. Simple as that. Several people have spent months of their life working on it, it deserves a little more respect than to be pirated.

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