Not running @ 120Hz [Solved, sort of]

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  • The menus run at ~45fps and the game ran slow too. I originally thought it did that because it detected by laptop's other natively supported refresh rate of 48Hz. Nope.

    Turns out, the game just isn't optimised for modern hardware. After turning everything down (but keeping Image to native) I was able to play somewhere between 58-95fps. It wasn't as bad clearly it's never going to reach 120fps. So, it is possible if you have the hardware.

    My laptop runs a GTX 1660Ti (mobile) and an Core i7 9750H.

    Is there anything that can be done to optimise the game, or is this the best the game will play?

  • @muizz Make sure its even using you're dedicated gpu

  • @muizz mi pc es peor y corre a 60fps 110hz tienes que actualizar los drivers y descargar avanced systemcare pro

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