Recommended VPS specs? Interested in setting up servers with 0 downtime

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  • TL;DR: Reply with recommended specs for running ~8 modified zombies servers

    Hi there everyone, first time posting here!

    Just have a quick question. Obviously I'm looking for the greatest bang for my buck. I want to host a handful of Zombies maps as well as a few modifications on each such as starting points, jug, etc. I have experience with ArmA 3 and Garry's Mod hosting but those all used web hosting and not VPS. VPS prices get really expensive fast and as I'll probably just keep it going out of pocket, I want the price to sit somewhere around 20 bucks a month. Keep in mind I'm Canadian so that's closer to 17 bucks American or something.

    Please reply with specs as that's what I'm interested in. I can do the shopping, just need to know if I can get away with cheaper stuff (as this IS a game from 2012) or if I should be looking at other solutions.

    Thanks for your time!

  • @TheJoeyDComplex
    I use Mixmlhosting but is not 20 CAD i pay 24 US $ for month for 6 modded zombies server, 1 multiplayer and 1 IW4X,

    I advise you to bet on in I9 and 10 gb of ram or an i7 and 12 gb of ram.

    I have an I7 and 10gb of ram, it is however eight servers keep them. In order not to risk I suggest you to take a better package

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