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  • Capture the Flag Settings
    Win Condition = Total Flag Captures
    Time Limit = 5 Minutes
    Hardcore = Off
    Capture Limit = 10 Flags
    Round Limit = 2 Rounds
    Enemy Carrier = Delayed
    Auto Return Time = 30 Seconds
    Pickup Time = Instant
    Return Time = Instant
    Respawn Delay = 5 Seconds
    Force Respawn = Yes
    Wave Respawn Delay = None

    Is it possible to set CTF settings like this with dvars? I looked around and couldnt find anything

  • @mikey wdym?

  • @Sorex the dvars that set the settings i listed

  • @mikey You mean don't work i you set it on the cfg or in lan mode?

  • @Sorex He wants to know what the dvars for those are. I'd help but I don't host servers so I don't know myself.

  • @Emosewaj ah lol

    //Don't touch the first 3 lines below here.
    exec gamesettings_default.cfg
    exec gamesettings_ctf.cfg
    set_gametype ctf
    //Below this line you may uncomment the commands and edit to your liking.
    //gts timelimit 5                            // Time limit of the game.
    //gts scorelimit 3                           // The number of flags needed to win the round.
    //gts roundLimit 2                           // The number of rounds that will be played before the game ends.
    //gts roundwinlimit 2                        // Round Win Limit. The number of rounds a team needs to win before the game ends.
    //gts enemyCarrierVisible 2                  // Enemy Carrier. How and if the enemy appears on the minimap. (0 = No. 1 = Yes. 2 = Delayed)
    //gts idleFlagResetTime 30                   // The time before a flag is automatically returned to base. (0-60 seconds)
    //gts captureTime 0                          // Pickup Time. The amoun of time it takes to pickup the enemy flag.
    //gts defuseTime 0                           // Return Time. How long it tales to return a flag. (-1 = off. 0 = Instant. (Defualt) 10 = limit of seconds.)
    //gts playerRespawnDelay 7.5                 // The amount of time a player has to wait before respawning.
    // Win Condition
    // Determines how the game is scored.
    // If this option is set to Round Wins, the first team to reach the Round Win Limit wins. Each round is won by the team who reaches the Round Capture Limit first.
    // If this option is set to Total Flag Captures, the first team to reach the Score Limit or the team with the most flags when time expires wins. Flags captured carry over to the next round.
    // 0 - Round Wins          (Default)
    // 1 - Total Flag Captures
    //gts roundscorecarry 0
    //Hardcore Mode
    //gts hardcoreMode "1"                        // Enable hardcore mode. 
    //gts friendlyfiretype "1"                    // Enable or Disable Friendly Fire. 1 on, 2 reflect, 3 shared.
    //gts playerHealthRegenTime "0"               // Time it takes you to recover damage.
    //gts playerMaxHealth "30"                    // Percent of Health players will have on Respawn.
    //gts allowKillcam "0"                        // Allow Killcam.
    //gts allowbattlechatter "0"                  // Shut player dialogues up.
    //gts teamKillPunishCount "3"                 // Kick constant Team killers out of your server.  


  • @Sorex i think this works, ill look at it later. thank you

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