Plutonium its opened in task administrator but never shows up

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  • So i had to delete my old game and reinstall a new version , because of the plutonium last uptade , becase it didnt letted me open the launcher again , but now the error stills on there 1.png
    i open the program by administrator
    An then i click in run anyway
    But the launcher just NEVER shows up in my screen
    The weird thing its that i can see the process running in task administrator , so i dont know what do about it , please if someone can help it could be really nice , i resintalled the game like 4 times now , and thank you

  • @Metaknich exclude the launcher and %localappdata%/plutonium from scanning in windows defender.

  • i doesnt work i even tried execute it with my antivirus turned off , and i still dont work

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