What's up #YoloSquad?

  • Hello Plutonium, I'd like to introduce myself as you're new personal night guard that monitors you each night using my cameras so if you went to my office, I will close the doors so you'll knock til' you're sick of knocking like an extreme paranormal activi- Oh wait, wrong topic..

    My name is Eternity (Previous: EternalV2 [EternalVerseTwo]) I'm 12 years old but I hope you won't judge my maturity based on a number. I'm a former sniper in TeknoMW3 but since it's starting to rot, I decided to switch to Plutonium IW5.. The experiences are both different since Pluto introduced me to brand new stuff while Tekno gives me the nostalgic ones..

    If I ever met one of You, I hope we get along as we play hard and fair.

    Yolo Swag Out! ~Eternity

  • Welcome to Plutonium mate! I know you from discord and you are a great person haha don't worry about your age mate it's fine. Anyway enjoy yourself here :P

  • Regional Moderator

    Welcome here, Eternity!