Modify the default classes on my Multiplayer Server. ! Help

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  • I was setting my multiplayer server in S&D mode, I don't want them to be able to use kill streaks, and also not to be able to use custom classes, which in the configuration file can be blocked, the problem is that I need to modify the default classes of the game Where can I do it?

  • I'm interested in doing the exactly same thing and I haven't figured it out yet. I found some GSC scripts that force every player to have a specific class one spawned, without any option to choose.
    Plus I can't disable custom classes in server: when I set the option in dedicated.cfg ("//scr_disable_cac 1" to "scr_disable_cac 1") nothing happens, even if other settings (like server password) work fine.

  • @CR7999x Welcome to reality, that variable does not work, or at least until now, what I have been able to achieve is to restrict weapons and accessories when the player chooses from his predefined classes, and as for the default classes, they can be changed also when the player chooses them, but change them to be displayed with other weapons in the class menu choice, you can not yet.

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