Server restriction file not working

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  • Hi guys. I was trying to setup the custom restrictions file to restrict certain killstreaks. I disabled UAV, Hunter Killer, and care package but once in game I tested it (playing SnD) and I could still use the killstreaks. When launching the server it did say it was parsing the restricting.cfg file and was able to replace the killstreaks with none. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  • @ITzZev A while back I also posted the same problem on the forum. Googling I found a more detailed server configuration file where it specifies that you can only restrict weapons, the rest does not work. I also needed it for a server mode syd

  • @Kalitos Ah I see that sucks. We wanted to use pro settings which requires some killstreaks to be turned off. Guess we'll stick to private matches.

  • you can restrict killstreaks in in the tdm.cfg file (and I assume other gamemode specific cfg files)

    using the following

    restrict_item "killstreak_spyplane" // UAV
    restrict_item "killstreak_rcbomb" // RC-XD
    restrict_item "killstreak_missile_drone" // Hunter Killer
    restrict_item "killstreak_supply_drop" // Care Package
    restrict_item "killstreak_counteruav" // Counter-UAV
    restrict_item "killstreak_microwave_turret" // Guardian
    restrict_item "killstreak_remote_missile" // Hellstorm Missile
    restrict_item "killstreak_planemortar" // Lightning Strike
    restrict_item "killstreak_auto_turret" // Sentry Gun
    restrict_item "killstreak_minigun" // Death Machine
    restrict_item "killstreak_m32" // War Machine
    restrict_item "killstreak_qrdrone" // Dragonfire
    restrict_item "killstreak_ai_tank_drop" // A.G.R.
    restrict_item "killstreak_helicopter_comlink" // Stealth Chopper
    restrict_item "killstreak_spyplane_direction" // Orbital VSAT
    restrict_item "killstreak_helicopter_guard" // Escort Drone
    restrict_item "killstreak_emp" // EMP Systems
    restrict_item "killstreak_straferun" // Warthog
    restrict_item "killstreak_remote_mortar" // Lodestar
    restrict_item "killstreak_helicopter_player_gunner" // VTOL Warship
    restrict_item "killstreak_dogs" // K9 Unit
    restrict_item "killstreak_missile_swarm" // Swarm

    this will just disable the specified killstreak. I am currently not aware of a way to replace a killstreak with a different killstreak. I'm also not sure if a restricted killstreak can still come out of a care package

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