How can I enable Self player Shadows?

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  • I was wondering how can I enable this command on Black ops 2. I figured it would work since Black Ops 1 has this command and I can enable it there. a99832bd-7ba7-4b65-ad4d-b6e53c4ff6a1-image.png
    the command is "r_enablePlayerShadow".

  • it aint work on bo2

  • @Sethly Are you still looking for it? Try this ๐Ÿ˜‰
    r_EnablePlayerShadow 1. If you don't have any experience in gsc I would suggest you to type that in the in game console when you are in a match. I can't remember if it requires server to have sv_cheats on. If you want to include it in a gsc file then call it in a player spawn function. Copy this: setDvar( "r_enablePlayerShadow", 1 );

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