Lack of Servers?

  • Hi guys,

    I've had this issue for a while but I've only now posted it. Really enjoyed the few times I've been able to play using Plutonium however it hasn't be very often. Below is a screenshot of what I see pretty much every time I sort the game by player count.
    alt text
    I only ever seem to find one populated server, and even then I usually get none. I am in Europe with good connection so even ping to NA servers should be around 70 ping, usually.

    Any idea whats causing this?


  • Project Moderator

    You are not missing any servers, sadly there aren't many players on Plutonium IW5 yet :/

  • Oh damn now I feel bad! That's a huge shame, idk I feel like if the populated ones were maybe TDM people might be more inclined to jump in to a server of 4 people. I know I would

  • Yeah, what is causing it is, no one is playing the game.

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