Origins Bugs

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  • Hey! I've been practicing origins for speed runs and I've come across some bugs! First When some characters like Dempsey are doing voice lines they tend to overlap and glitch its really weird lol. Second while in the robot you are ejected BEFORE the time runs out. When maxis says 5 you get ejected instead of counting all the way down. This bug makes it so speed runs will probably not be legit on here. Third I think players can join my solo play? I put myself in a solo play lobby and it has other spots when its supposed to be just one. I can't see any of the beginning cut scenes because of this. Besides those problems zombies has been great for me thanks guys!

  • Still having the same problems here.
    Overlapping voice lines (especially from maxis radios in buried)
    And cutscenes not playing in solo

  • how do your able to hear the voice lines cuzi cant

  • @TYLER2529 locally

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