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  • We need more advanced controls for the people that play on controller, I personally HATE the response curve on the controller for Black Ops 2 and thats part of the reason I quit. There is no way I can get used to this again and I'm sure EVERYONE agrees with me.

  • Note: If anyone knows anyway to get around this please tell me, I love this game and it brings back lots of nostalgia and linear response will help me so much.

  • Complaining about the controller support on a 8 year old PC game...

    OK then.

  • @ExtremeWinner I think you're the only person with this problem? I don't even understand what you could be complaining about since the controller stuff is literally plug-and-play. So to be complaining about the response curve is kinda stupid. Especially considering the developers didn't add the controller functionality themselves.

  • @Cahz Damn the community is still toxic, that's something that's never going to change

  • @Mr-Android I understand that its an old ass game but still, your saying no one else has this issue? Look up the videos on youtube, I'll personally send you a video with 30k views on it.

  • @Cahz Not to mention you see everyone on mouse and keyboard complaining about mouse acceleration, even though theres a simple fix.

  • @ExtremeWinner I have yet to see anyone else complain about the controller support. Maybe what you're actually concerned about is the no aim-assist for controller. Either way, I'd recommend playing with keyboard and mouse anyways. cheers bud

  • OK - yet EVERYBODY has to deal with the servers crashing and the various other problems, don't you think the devs limited time (for which they do this for free...) should be spent on fixing the bugs that occur for all players? I can show you videos of Pluto working just fine for Keyboard + Mouse players, so your point is moot.

    You claim the community is toxic yet here you are almost demanding we work on "more advanced controls" for a PC game.

    It's clear here who is the toxic one, I'll put it bluntly, we have far more pressing matters than a small sub section of our playerbase who use a controller, you are NOT our target audience. If you disagree, feel free to write some C++ and ASM yourself and come work for us, if not - get off your high horse and stop being so entitled.

    Topic locked - I feel you've got to make your suggestion and I've given our response, I suggest you be abit more constructive in your future posts if you want to be taken seriously.

    The players who use a controller are finding that the response curve causes XYZ problems - mainly causing frustrations with ABC, here's a few videos and other links to show others have the same problem.

    Instead you simply talk about how much YOU hate it, you don't even state what part you hate about it or what the problem is, just "response curve". Then you talk about why YOU quit and then how there's no way YOU can get used to this again and how you're sure that EVERYONE agrees. Nothing to backup your claims. The very first reply from a non staff member was somebody disagreeing with you.. so it can't be EVERYONE can it?

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