Launcher Unable to Open Game when Server is Running

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  • I followed all the necessary steps to create and set-up a server, but when I ran the server it gave me the "Heartbeat Successful" message. Keep in mind the server is the only thing up ATM. I open the Plutonium Launcher and I pressed the play button on the BO2 Zombies menu, the cmd shows up for 3 seconds and disappears along with the Launcher. I have my ports forwarded to 4976-4990. When I play the game before I start the server it works but when the servers starts, the server doesn't pop up when I tried to look for it. Is there any solution to this issue??

  • There isn't really a solution, as this is caused by a check that makes sure you don't accidentally run the game twice. Servers are counted for but not affected by this check, hence why you can start the server when the game is already running, but not vice versa.

  • @qXc yea like luigi said, start the game first and the server 2nd. If your server console only shows "heartbeat successful" that means it can't fully communicate with the backend, it's supposed to show that and ping requests from users loading the serverlist. Can you post a screenshot of your port forwarding settings?

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