Banned for placing another games textures in my directory!

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  • So I was trying to download textures for minecraft in a mostly compressed manner using a certain method I learned back in school, and accidently placed it in on of the directories Plutonium is installed. As a result a few hours later, I go to play zombies with my buddy, and I am banned. I know it's only for about a week, but I made a mistake on where I was placing my file.

    Get back to me asap

  • @I_Gave_Lia_HIV so what you're saying is that you placed a random file in your bo2 folder (which already makes no sense) and started zombies after that and you got banned.

    • placing random files in your game directory won't trigger the anticheat even if it's cheats
    • logs show you got banned on mp, not zm
    • logs show you injected something into the game

    Not the time for excuses, wait till your ban expires.

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