Why no players?

  • I installed technogod mw3 and the plutonium mw3. The technogod version always hava some players online. In the plutonium version no players online at anytime of the day though I can see upto 20 servers. Is something wrong with my installation? Or are there no players in plutomium mw3?

  • No, nothing wrong with your installation. Some players are on Plutonium as well but yeah often the servers are completely empty. At times I see 3-8 players online.

  • I dont worry for this... I/WE will see people playing afte the new update.. And they sayed bots will be in!!!
    And i dont lose faith on Devs... They always keepup!

  • Yes, I also have both versions. Teknomw3 has about 50+ servers/100+ players on any average day. I don't mean to compare both clients, but I installed Plutonium today and it showed total player count is zero though there are a lot of servers. The interface, UI and features all look good but ultimately its the players that are needed for a good game. Wishing you all the best nonetheless :)

  • Oh I see. Actually I do not know anything about the present condition of the Plutonium server. That is why I asked. Thanks everyone who replied to me. And to the devs I will say "awesome work by you guys".

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    There are players, but sadly you need a lot of luck atm to play a game.


  • @xerxes how is your server name?

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    • [AWOG] FFA [DLC]
    • [AWOG] HC TDM #1 [DLC]
    • [AWOG] HC TDM #2 [DLC]
    • [AWOG] HC TDM #3
    • [AWOG] Party Mix [DLC]
    • [AWOG] TDM #1 [DLC]
    • [AWOG] TDM #2 [DLC]
    • [AWOG] TDM #3
    • [AWOG] TDM #4 without AKIMBO [DLC]
    • [AWOG] TDM #5 without SMGs and AKIMBO [DLC]

  • Tekno client has a million hackers everywhere. Pluto doesnt ;)

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