Modding and Downloading Maps

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  • Hello mods, devs, and fellow basement dwellers. First of all god bless this project! Thank you so much for helping me and my friends connect again! But alas we wanted to mess around with mods and play custom maps but we didn't know how to do either. I tried getting a mod but even after searching my whole computer, I don't have a t6rzm.exe or t6rmp.exe anywhere on my system. And my other friend who we tasked with trying to find out how to get maps said he wasn't able to for whatever reason. Could you guys help me out? Thank you for any support you are able to give!

    there are no custom maps for bo2, placing carepackages on a map doesn't make it a custom map. The game can't be started via t6mp/t6zm, you need to use the launcher. If you run the game in lan mode (arrow next to the play button) the anticheat will be disabled and you will be able to inject mods and stuff (if you find an injector that works with pluto, no idea if one exists). Don't try injecting anything or modifying anything in online mode as it will get you banned. Another way to run mods is to set up a dedicated server and load mods on that.

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