How to add friends on Plutonium!

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  • Introduction:
    The Plutonium Launcher allows you to view your friends. In later updates it will allow you to see what server they are in, join that server, invite them to your server etc. For now, it's nice to see who you're friends with 🙂

    Viewing your friends:

    • To view your friends go ahead and open the Plutonium Launcher and ensure you are logged in. You can also click the friends button in Plutonium IW5.

    • Now click your avatar in the top right to open the peek.

    • Your online friends are shown here, if they are in game or have the launcher open, they will appear online. This list will auto update in the future. For now you will need to close and reopen the launcher for it to update the list. Hovering your mouse over the friend's avatar will display their name.

    Adding Friends:

    • To add a friend, you both need to follow each other on the Plutonium Forum.

    • To follow somebody you browse to their profile and click the + icon on the top right of their profile. It looks like this: 0e7cfec2-a0a8-495f-80ab-e1a7eee88e5e-image.png

    • The icon should change to a ❤ icon and you should get the below notification:

    • The person you followed will get a notification, they can check their notifications by clicking the bell icon to the left of their avatar on the top right of the forums. 6facccd8-916d-4741-837d-830f343260fa-image.png

    • The other person much also follow you! Friendship is a two way street! The other person can easily click your profile from the notification they get and they can follow you back. You will be notified when this is done.

    • When the other person has followed back, close and reopen the Plutonium Launcher and you will be able to see them if they are online. 2b0c5145-0117-4062-8a4b-841842f50713-image.png

    Removing Friends:

    • Simply click the ❤ icon on your friends profile to stop following them which will remove them from your friends list. You will need to re-follow the person for either of you to see each other as friends again.
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