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  • Look, imma be honest, I cheated, I got banned for a few days, but I dont think I cheated after that, but still got banned for "cheating" when It actually was in a private game, not knowing that you have to be in LAN, it was a longer ban and I didnt wantt o wait so K made ana ccount and it got extended to 1000 years, I recently just wanted to play with my friends, I went to check if I got unbanned, and unfortunately i didnt, obviously, I am asking politely if I can get unbanned, I legit won't ever cheat, I can swear on my mums life, sounds dumb but I just wanna play with my friends to be honest. Please unban me

  • @MonoMK The anticheat policy has been posted since the end of August. And looking at the ban logs, you got banned twice mid September.

    This occurred due to your own negligence from not reading the anticheat policy --even after being banned the first time.

    Highly doubt staff will lift the ban. Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Means you cheated 2 times. You cannot appeal to your ban. Second anti-cheat ban is always 1000 years.

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