Delete all traces of plutonium launcher so i may reinstall Black Ops 2 plutonium

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  • I uninstalled plutonium t6 a while ago and just now reinstalled the launcher

    When i press play (There is no way to install BO2 again) the command prompt shows up then plutonium launcher crashes. Can anyone help get BO2 installed again? Thank you!

  • Yes? That's intended. The launcher closes once the bootstrapper(cmd) pops up. Is there a specific error you're getting or is it just stuck on the cmd window? If its the first, please screenshot your error. If its the latter, do this and make sure there's no other program running in the background which may interfere with pluto such as overlays.

    Regarding this

    There is no way to install BO2 again

    Don't you have the basegame downloaded? Follow this guide:

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