Henlo nibbas

  • So yeah...just found out about this and thought..why not do one myself :)

    My IGN is NLS obviously and my real name is pretty much unpronouncable for most people so fuck that.
    I am a 16 year old german tryhard that hates loosing and loves moabing nabs.

    Some stats to impress people:
    K/D: Tekno 3.5/Steam 5.5/Pluto 3.0
    Accuracy: Tekno 16%/Steam 15%/Pluto 20%
    Favorite Gamemodes: FFA ~80k kills, Domination ~60k kills
    MOABs: In total 1042/Doubles 24/Triples 3
    Fastest MOAB: 44 Seconds

    So this is me...I hope I'll get a chance to annoy every single one of you when we play some time.

    See you on the battlefield ;^)

  • VIP

    Ah yes, if it isn't my favorite German and pubstomping mans :>

  • Ayy! Well if it isn't good ol' NLS. One of the best players that I have met. Mate I remember when we played awog ffa and you destroyed me.

    Anyways welcome, great introduction, and enjoy your time in Plutonium! alt text