Infinite health trainer for zombies

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  • As the title says im looking for an infinite health trainer for zombies (to use in custom lobbies with friends). I have found one on a different forum that works for plutonium but it seems to also give me a damage boost of sorts which I do not want. Also , I want it to give infinite health to only the host.

    (This might be the wrong section to post this thread ,if it is , my bad)

  • I think you will never recive an hack for a game in this forum (and anyone is right to don't post it).
    That's not an hack provide server.

  • There's a LAN Mode ONLY trainer which will do exactly this and a lot of other things. Just look it up. Only works in LAN Mode so you'd have to set up Hamachi with your friends. My friends and I do this.

  • Outside of LAN mode you'd get banned anyway.

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