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  • hi plutonium moderators. I wanted to tell you that I was banned from the plutonium servers for no apparent reason. I would like an explanation for why I was banned. Cheers.

  • Not a moderator here, however, in future circumstances please provide a little backstory on what happened before you got banned.

    In the event that you injected a modification, or tried editing memory, the active anti-cheat picked up on it, triggering an automatic ban. If this was a ban from an available server on Plutonium, you may have committed an act that was against the server owner's set rules (i.e. allocating more than 10 class slots [CaC exploit], continuous toxicity, or something along the lines) in which they disagreed with your actions. If this happened globally - or in other words within the Plutonium client itself, as stated before you attempted to edit memory in some form.

    If you were curious on testing modifications PRIVATELY, take strong consideration into playing on LAN Mode. This disables the anti-cheat entirely and lets you play on a your custom server. In order to enable LAN Mode, you need to click the arrow beside the green "PLAY" button in the Plutonium launcher. Notice the color changes to yellow, with text indicating that the anti-cheat is disabled.

    --For further reference, attached is two screenshots of what you need to click on to switch to LAN Mode. unknown.png unknown (1).png

  • @Hail Thanks for the info, but as I told you I was simply playing games, I left the plutonium launcher and when I wanted to re-enter I was banned

  • You don't just get banned out of the blue; assuming this is your 1st infraction, I suggest you serve your time and don't cheat again.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @luigistyle How do you know it wasn't out of nowhere? If there is any reason I would like to know which one is because I do not know it. thanks!!

  • Did you get a client wide ban or a server specific ban? If it's the first, please read the pinned anticheat policy as we don't accept ban appeals now. We'd also appreciate if you just told the truth instead of going "Banned me for nothing". But if it's the latter, we do not have anything to do with that, appeal to the respective server admins.

  • @XNano322 said in BAN WITHOUT REASON:

    @luigistyle How do you know it wasn't out of nowhere? If there is any reason I would like to know which one is because I do not know it. thanks!!

    Beside that's how our anticheat works. To be banned, you have to be in-game.

  • @Emosewaj I swear to you for what you want the most that I did nothing and it was not in the game either. But well, if you don't believe me, I'll wait the 6 days of ban that I have left.

  • @HannesC I'm telling the truth, another thing is that you don't believe me. But hey, I'll have to wait 6 more days of banning even if I haven't done anything

  • You started a cheat on the main menu, you were unable to join a server and rebooted your game within 5 minutes. You then got the "you're banned" message. This was on the 4th of November. It is now the 11th of November, your ban time should expire today. If you still have ban time remaining it means that you have attempted to circumvent the ban. Nothing about your story is truthful. Next ban will be permanent.

  • @RektInator If by evading you mean to create another account and see if he let me in, then if I did it because I thought the ban was a mistake, obviously anyone can have mistakes. But as I said I will respect if I ban and I will wait the remaining days for a greeting.

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