The future of Plutonium Scripting

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    Hello Community,

    After a lot of negative feedback on our scripting implementation, we've made some decisions regarding scripting. From the next update on, Plutonium will have a full blown C++ scripting engine attached to the DLL, which you can use from any C++ DLL you make. This allows you to make C++ plugins and store your DLLs in a Plugins folder. In addition to that, we will add various DLLs to the client that will embed a scripting language to the project. We are currently working on embedding JavaScript to the engine.

    tl;dr: Next update will include C++, JavaScript and LUA scripting for Plugins, with a more user-friendly API.


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    That's much better easy to hear it :)

  • Project Moderator

    Sounds good, hopefully the ram usage won't be too high when you have to load multiple script engines.
    I guess @DecadeDelta isn't too happy about it :).

  • Banned

    Will the javascript interpreter will just be a normal javascript interpreter or a node.js interpreter (e.g being able to run npm modules and such)?