Ghost recon phantoms revive

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  • First of all thanks for everything I cant believe this works and i mean zombies with 8 players... This is like a new mode. Its awesome! I have a question about a game with that you can may do the same? It is called ghost recon phantoms/online and it got shutdowned 2016, but many people including me want it back. Some people are already working on this revive. If you are interested we can talk about that. Even if not thanks for everything and have a nice day!

  • @AUTgeSKIPPT are you asking us to work on that game or do you want to advertise for said modification? we are focused on cod games. Also there are no plans to start working on new games any time soon.

  • I asked you to work on that game, but its fully okay if you dont! But would be great if you take a look on it, may you switch your mind.

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