[Release] Plutonium Filesystem

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  • This plugin adds additional functionality to ChaiScript that allows you to read and write files into your computer.



      Creates a file handler.
       First param: File path
       Second param: Mode 
    var file = Filesystem("helloworld.txt", "w+");
       Writes/appends into file.
       First param: string to write
    file.Write("Hello, World!")
       Reads the contents of the file.
    var contents = file.Read();
    print(contents) // Hello, World!


    • All available file modes are shown here.
      • The plugin will only create a file handle if the file already exists. therefore modes like r+ and w+ will act the same.
    • For security measures, the file must be within the game folder (Not exactly in it, could also be in a folder that's within the game folder).
    • For people who wish to build from source, make sure to set the C++ version to latest, set the run time library to /MT and only compile as Release and x86.
    • While the plugin automatically closes the file handle as it goes out of scope, to manually close it use the .Close() method.
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