2 players knocks when connected to a private match

  • Hello please help to solve the problem. I run repak mw3 create a closed match and to me connect through console command "connect" friends first connects normally,but when you try to connect the second, the first pours out in the menu with the message "server disconnected".Thank you in advance.

  • Project Admin

    This is a known bug, create a passworded server for now.

  • created a password in a private game in the game menu, but when friends are connected, they do not ask him, and only one of my friends can still play with me (first the first friend connects normally but when the second is connected (connect via ~ "connect") the second one is connected to the first one throws with the message "the server has disconnected"). Sorry for English

  • Project Moderator

    Create a pw protected dedicated server and not a pw protected private game.